Jun 12, 2023

Top 5 Features of Stasis Network

Top 5 Features of Stasis Network

In a crypto space where a new token is launching every day, projects work to find a way to stand out. Innovation is the easiest way; developing something never seen before in crypto. While other projects push technical innovations and cutting-edge systems, Stasis Network is focused on reinventing the fundamentals.

There are many features within the Stasis Network ecosystem to be excited about as we move toward Presale on June 9th and Protocol Launch on June 16th. We boiled down those features into our Top 5 that should excite any potential user looking for a new opportunity.

5. Fair Launch

Too often in this space, DeFi projects will offer steep discounts on seed round or presale tokens against their launch price. Every time, the lucky ones who were early take those tokens, dump them for a healthy profit, and move on. They hurt the protocol and the investors who came after them, and severely damages the sentiment of the project overall.

With Stasis Network, we are focused fully on a fair launch. Our presale price is our launch price. There was no secret discounted seed round, and no VC money with hefty strings attached. All the users get a level playing field where they get a fair shake at engaging in the protocol.

4. Self-Funded & No Team Tokens

The fair launch narrative leads directly to the next key feature. Too often, teams will raise money from their customers, then use that capital to build the product. This is bad for business, and bad for the investor. To add insult to injury, the team also gets a portion of the token supply as ‘payment’ for their hard work. This arrangement can quickly morph into a sense of unfairness on behalf of the user.

Within our protocol, we chose business development first, paid for out of our own pocket. The protocol build and marketing were self-funded, so when we do conduct the presale, almost 100% of the capital can go directly to work for the user. To cement this commitment to fairness, there are no team tokens, and the team will be investing in the presale side by side with the users. That’s our belief in the protocol on a fundamental level.

3. No Locks, Timers, or Hostages

A common saying in crypto is, “not your keys, not your crypto.” We say this in regard to maintaining self-custody of your assets; keeping your crypto off of centralized exchanges. Instead, you’re encouraged to bring your assets to DeFi, where many projects require you to lock your assets up, losing control of it, to earn rewards… make it make sense…

Within Stasis Network, you don’t have to worry about this. Users have maximum control over their assets at all times. They can move in and out of the protocol and the features found within without worrying about locks, punitive timers, or losing control of their holdings. This allows organic, sentiment-positive movement through the protocol at all times.

Stasis dApp Walkthrough

2. All-Inclusive dApp

Many protocols in DeFi are complicated, and their decentralized applications (dApps) are equally as confusing. Teams sacrifice accessibility and simplicity as they try to cram their many different features and layers of ‘flywheels’ into a single user interface. In the end, they become basically unusable without a very thick user manual.

The dApp for Stasis Network went through several iterations. More than four months were spent refining it to ensure maximum usability and simple enough for the newest DeFi users to quickly learn. Additionally, everything featured in Stasis Network can be accomplished in the dApp, including making liquidity pool tokens, and bridging between networks and tokens via an Axelar/Squid Router widget integration into the dApp.

1. Dynamic Strategies & Full Control

The number one feature of Stasis Network is our users’ ability to control their portfolio on the most granular level. No locks allow organic movement, and features like Dynamic Strategies and Internal Farm Migration allow for full customization and automation for the user.

Every yield farm and staking pool in crypto is standardized. Stasis Network introduces a first-of-its-kind feature where each individual user can choose how their rewards are managed, and automate it. And users can adjust these strategies in real-time. It makes sense that as the market changes, so do their strategies.

The Public Presale for Stasis Network begins June 9, at 20:00 UTC. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be a part of the next big protocol in DeFi.

To find out more about Stasis Network:
Website: https://www.stasis.network/
Documentation: https://docs.stasis.network/stasis-network/
Yahoo Finance Release: https://tinyurl.com/4dj8f6ym

Social Media for Stasis Network:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StasisNetwork
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@StasisNetwork
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@stasisnetwork
Discord: https://discord.gg/stasisnetwork
Telegram: https://t.me/thestasisnetwork
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Stasis_Network

Stasis Network is a subsidiary of BlockCentral Inc, a Panama-based company focused on the advancement of blockchain adoption and education.