Jun 12, 2023

Stasis Network: Fair Launch Sequence

Stasis Network: Fair Launch Sequence

The launch phase of a new crypto project is one of the most important and precarious of a protocol’s early life cycle. This is where a project can make or break its reputation and cement the early judgment of the community about its level of preparation and professionalism.

Bear markets allow us to step back and analyze the status quo. What worked before won’t work anymore. We have an opportunity to change the game and enhance the experience for users. At Stasis Network, we are ‘raging against the machine’ for the good of you, the shareholder.

Funding Philosophy

When we began the process of building Stasis, one thing became a top requirement: we wouldn’t ask the community to pay for building the product. As we talked about in our Optimized Mutual Fund article, this is backward and financially incautious.

The team self-funded the development and marketing, like a real-world business. If you open a restaurant, you don’t open the doors with no chairs, then ask your customers to help pay for the chairs as they come in to eat. It is illogical. However, this process has become the standard in crypto.

The users of Stasis Network are walking into a finished and functioning operation, where 100% of their funds will be put to use toward a solitary goal: grow the mutual fund, reduce the token supply, and drive value into the Stasis token.

No Free Lunch

Another sticking point within most protocols’ tokenomics is, ‘How many tokens is the team getting?’ Crypto and DeFi investors have come to expect some amount of tokens set aside for the team. The amount is subject to scrutiny, depending on the percentage of the total supply.

However, what if it was zero? As in, the team gets zero tokens for free. At Stasis, we felt we could only execute a fair launch if it were fair for everyone involved. So we decided that every token would be accounted for pre-launch, and no team tokens will be given out.

Instead, the team, as individuals, will be putting their own money into the presale, with no special discount or advantage. We are confident in the protocol’s mechanics, its future, and the macro crypto market over the next many years. Because of this, the team chooses to win alongside the users, not over the top of them.

Level Playing Field

A common tactic to attract funds during a presale is giving users massive discounts on seed rounds and private sales. We have seen projects offer as much as a 50%-80% discount on tokens against the public presale or the planned launch price when the token begins trading.

It is a cheap ploy to trigger the greed of certain investors; establishing a psychological advantage over others. And every time, the price of the token collapses. Early, discounted holders dump their tokens, get a quick profit, and move on. It is as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

Stasis will presale at $0.01 and launch trading at $0.01. There is no secret discount seed round. There are no VCs with strings attached. People don’t mind the game theory within crypto; many enjoy it. But they don’t want to feel like they’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes in the process.

Presale Information

To add some gamesmanship to the process, Stasis has introduced a sprinkling of exclusivity to the presale process. The sale price is the same for everyone. However, we have opportunities for users to gain early access to the presale with a higher wallet cap. Those details are laid out here and in our Presale & White List Medium article.

Alpha White List

Sale Begins (approx.): 18:00 UTC on June 9th
Max Wallet Contribution: $25,000 in USDC

Beta White List

Sale Begins (approx.): 19:00 UTC on June 9th
Max Wallet Contribution: $10,000 in USDC

Public Phase

Sale Begins (approx.): 20:00 UTC on June 9th
Max Wallet Contribution: $2,000 in USDC

The easiest way to earn early access to the presale is by gaining 1,000 XP on our Zealy community dashboard.

Everyone knows the terms of the Stasis launch process, and they know they are transparent and fair. This time in the bear market is when we can innovate within our processes, and the users are ready for a project like Stasis Network.

To find out more about Stasis Network:
Website: https://www.stasis.network/
Documentation: https://docs.stasis.network/stasis-network/
Bitcoin Insider Release: https://rb.gy/4wz2g

Social Media for Stasis Network:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StasisNetwork
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@StasisNetwork
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@stasisnetwork
Discord: https://discord.gg/stasisnetwork
Telegram: https://t.me/thestasisnetwork
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Stasis_Network

Stasis Network is a subsidiary of BlockCentral Inc, a Panama-based company focused on the advancement of blockchain adoption and education.